Trump’s Presidential Run Appears To Be Damaging His Business | NBC Nightly News

Rates at Donald Trump’s new hotel have been slashed, golfers are looking for new courses, and a campaign to boycott daughter Ivanka’s clothing line are parts of the Trump business fallout.
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Trump’s Presidential Run Appears To Be Damaging His Business | NBC Nightly News

Business Prime Time Live – 27-10-2016

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Why not start your own business today? | Louis Wesseling | TEDxYouth@HNLBilthoven

In this TEDx talk Louis Wesseling, a young Dutch entrepreneur and owner of a few innovative restaurants in Amsterdam, where they sell freshly made quick Mexican meals, talks about how he became an entrepreneur and gives some valuable tips!

Louis Wesseling has been living in Amsterdam for 3 years now and he absolutely love Mexican food. His dream has always been to start a Mexican restaurant in Amsterdam that serves fresh, simple and most important delicious food.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

SIMS 4 – STARTING A BUSINESS!! SIMS 4 Gameplay, Episode 15! (Sims 4 Gameplay)

Hey everyone and welcome to episode 15 of my SIMS 4 Let’s Play gameplay where we buy a restaurant!!! I hope you enjoy it and if you do be sure to press that Like button! 🙂
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The Scariest Moments in Business as an Entrepreneur

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Recently I was at Harvard Business School with 144 other entrepreneurs who run very successful businesses. We all had something in common. Everybody had a horror story.

If you have aspirations of being a successful entrepreneur yourself, you need to know that it’s guaranteed that you will face some scary moments in business. The good news is, you can overcome them.

So, I’m going to share with you a few of my scariest moments in business. Hopefully this will shed some light and you’ll realize you’re not alone.

#1: The “I Told You So” Nightmare – 1:14

#2: Delivering Bad News 2:51

#3: Running out of Money – 5:00

#4: Not Knowing the Language – 6:23

#5: Final Straw Negotiation – 8:17

#6: When a Big Client Changes Their Mind – 9:53

#7: When You Lose a Great Teammate 11:14

#8: Lawsuits – 11:40

#9: When an Investor Backs Out – 12:30

#10: When Your Partner Changes Their Mind – 12:51

#11: When Things Happen that You Can’t Control – 14:56

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